• Ordering a Wedding Cake

    When you answered “Yes!” to your marriage proposal, it was probably one of the happiest moments of your life.  From that day one you have most likely been given many tips, tricks and suggestions on how to plan your big day.  Some of those tips may have been about the wedding cake.  “It’s the most important piece of the reception”, “You must get a traditional tiered cake”, “The best cake is a contemporary design”, “Why don’t you try chocolate?”  It seems simple but with so many options, you should read the following tips before you order your custom wedding cake.


    The first element you have to determine is what the cake is going to look like on the outside. There are many options of wedding cake designs.  You will first need to decide how many tiers you want and what the shape of the cake will be.  Traditional cakes are round and have 3 or 4 tiers, but contemporary wedding cakes can really be done in any height and shape you can imagine.  The cake should be a reflection of your personality and style as well as complement the wedding design.  Your baker can help you customize a design that fits your reception style.


    Once you have chosen the shape, height and overall style, it’s time to add some accents.  If you are going for a traditional look, a tiered all white cake would look beautiful.  However, there really is no limit to the options of accents.  Adding color to the cake in the way of decorations or fresh flowers is entirely up to you.  Perhaps you want a very modern look with smooth white fondant and just a couple of accent designs or flowers.  You could also have the cake embellished with fondant ribbon or a variety of flower types and colors.

    You will also need to decide if you want a specific cake topper.  The traditional bride and groom look is classic or you might choose a photo, flowers, or something else.  You need to look at lots of wedding cake pictures and bring your favorite ideas to your baker so that he can get a sense of your accent and color ideas.


    After you have decided on the outside of the cake, it’s time to focus on the inside.  There are several flavor options.  Many flavors of cakes are available from your baker because they are custom made.  Scheduling a tasting appointment is imperative in deciding what type of cake you will treat you and your guests to at your reception.


    You have decided on cake style and flavor but did you consider where the cake will be placed?  Thinking about wedding cake placement is important because the cake is a feature of your wedding and it will need to be displayed accordingly.  Will it be on its own table or are you having a desert table with additional options?  Would you like the table adorned with fresh flowers?  If the table is in front of a glass window, this could change the look of the colors. Whether the cake is inside a banquet room or outside could make a difference in the design and flavor options.  Once you know where the cake will be, talk to your baker if you have any concerns or ideas about your design.

    When deciding on a wedding cake the options of design, color and flavor are endless.  Your best advice will come directly from your expert baker.  Call today to schedule your consultation and a tasting so that we can help you have the wedding cake of your dreams!








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