• Homemade Vanilla Extract

    Top 3 Reasons to use Homemade Vanilla Extract


    You may think that authentic vanilla extract is the “end all be all” of ingredients but have you ever had homemade, fresh vanilla extract?  Wow-what a difference!  Here are the top 3 reasons why we use homemade vanilla:


    1. Quality vs. Quantity

    When you purchase vanilla extract you are getting a standard product.  It has been commercially made in large quantities to sell to the masses. Store bought vanilla also tastes better than imitation vanilla extract.   When creating your own vanilla extract however, you are getting a much higher quality product because it is not mass produced or made in large vats. Ingredients are handpicked and therefore of higher quality.    Smaller batches yield less quantity but superior quality.


    1. Fresh guarantee

    All store bought food has an expiration date but not all food comes with a created on date.  When vanilla extract is homemade it is not sitting on the shelf for who knows how long but is rather made is smaller amounts and quickly used.  It doesn’t have to be packaged, shipped, unloaded, shelved and purchased.   The process of making homemade vanilla extract then immediately using it guarantees the utmost freshness.


    1. Taste

    The best reason to use homemade vanilla extract is the taste!  High quality combined with fresh ingredients and quick turnaround makes it a much tastier ingredient than its store bought counterparts.


    Come in to Corey’s Bakery today to see, smell and taste why we use fresh, homemade vanilla extract in all of our baked goods!


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